Poem: Life is worth living

Life is Worth living

You might wonder why

When you are sitting there all alone

With no one to hold

Alone and cold


You`ve might been hurt

Being put down in the dirt

Feeling lost in a world

Full of the unknown


Life is worth living

When you find your rock in life

Something to hold on to

Something to do,

Someone to help


Find your values

And follow your dreams

Be truthful and grateful

Trust and imagine,

Be yourself though


Life is worth living

When you find your way

Through ups and downs

A road is being made while your walking


We only have one life

Bring the best out of it

No dreams are too big to achieve

Remember to breath, live in the present

And you will succeed.





#metoo is a campaign online where victims of sexual harassment have come forward with their story, sharing the hashtag to stand up against sexual harassment. People from all around the world, mostly woman, have told their story. More and more men have begun to tell their stories.

Sexual harassment is not only about sex, it is about power. “A report conducted jointly by the TUC and Everyday Sexism found that 52% of women had experienced some form of sexual harassment at work”. Worldwide, we can conclude with a lot more than 52%. This does not only occur woman, it happens to men as well, but a lot less.

Sexual harassments can occur in all sorts of circumstances. It does not have to be of the opposite sex and the harasser can be anyone, an employee or a non-employee. For it to be a harassment, the harasser`s conduct must be unwelcome seen from the victim’s perspective.

We need more laws, strict laws, where the harasser should be punished with tickets and prison. In stead of days behind bars, we need to lock the harassers up for years. This to prevent others from doing the same. The victim must be taken a lot more care of, no matter the circumstances. It is not acceptable to treat a person like a sexual object and ask for sexual favors involuntarily.



Gran Torino by Clint Eastwood

Gran Torino

We saw this movie called Gran Torino by Clint Eastwood at school. It was a very interesting and exciting movie to watch, and I enjoyed it very much. All though the ending was quite shocking and sad, I think the movie expressed a lot of important messages.

Culture can influence one’s belief because all cultures and religions has different views of specific things, like who is in charge and what is right or wrong in this world. In the movie we meet the Hmong people from Korea and we can clearly see a lot of their culture and traditions, like when their newborn in the family got baptized and the ceremony they had for him. Thao was being fooled because Walter thought he did «woman work» since he stood gardening.
While Walt, the main character, got to know these Hmong people, he started to open up his eyes for different views of life, and he started communicating and socializing with them, he came over to parties and family gatherings.  I think it is very important to be open for new perspectives of life, just like what Walter, Sue and Thao experienced. After all, at the end of the day, we are all equal and the same. In my personal life, I have learnt that no matter where you are from, what you believe in and what colour of skin you have, it does not matter. Your «enemy» might have the same interests as you. Do not judge anybody before you truly know them.

Thao and Sue experiences a lot of violence and hatred throughout the whole movie. They got beaten, called names, and their rights where obviously violated. Their cousin was in this gang with other immigrants and americans, they fought and argued about Thao and said he should join them and do criminal acts, like stealing Walter’s car.
Sue was being violated on the streets while walking down the road with her friend. These American men stood there at the corner, starting to push her around between them, harassing her, calling her names and tried to rape her. She stood up for herself, even though they really crossed the line.
Harassment, violations, hatred and criminal acts are a couple of the challenges and pressures that the second-generation immigrants have to deal with, unfortunately.

Film review «Girl rising»

Girl rising poster

Documentary, Richard Robinson films

This is a documentary with eight different stories told by girls around the world. In the documentary, we meet nine girls; Wadley, Suma, Yasmin, Azmera, Ruksana, Senna, Mariama and Amina.

We saw this film in our international English class, and now we have got the task to write a film review.

Ruksana made the greatest impression on me because I kind of found myself in her. She loved to draw, and she could not stop drawing in her schoolbooks, neither could I. She seemed cute and peaceful. Her dad took her to a shop, where he bought her pencils and paper to draw on. She was so happy.

She seemed very strong and hard to break, while the thugs attacked their city. The police came, hitting the people and tearing down their houses. His father agrees to leave town, but they did not leave when they realized how far they had travelled. As long as they had each other.

The love the family showed to each other was delightful to see, it made me happy because nothing is better than a well-connected family, especially important though hard times.

I lost myself in a couple of stories, everyone touched me. I find it hard to imagine a normal day in their lives because of everything that I am used to in my daily life. It is really devastating to watch these kids having a hard time, but still smiling and enjoying every single piece of life. The movie made me want to send money to organizations and different charities, a little amount of money for us is a lot of money for them.
I can sympathize, but empathizing is more a challenge because I can not fully understand what they are going through, based on the little I know about their cultures and lives.

I think the facts that is told in this documentary might touch those who are not already familiar with this issue. The documentary tells us that 66 million girls are out of school or the fact that there is ¼ chances for girls to be born into poverty.

The movie was very touching, and I found it very interesting to watch. It made me think and appreciate what I have. I have an ocean of opportunities ahead of me, and I wish that every single girl in the whole would could feel as I do.

Girls are rising, girls are worth the investment and at least; educated girls works.




photo taken from https://shop.girlrising.com/products/girl-rising-commercial-dvd


Hurricane Harvey is destroying Texas


Thousands of people have fled to their rooftops to get out of the water. As much as 66 cm of rain has been pouring down the last couple of 72 hours, and they are still expecting a lot more to come. More than 30 000 people are placed in temporarily shelters.

Houston emergency services are working constantly trying to rescue people. They have received approximately 6000 appeals for rescues. 50 counties has been affected by the terrible hurricane.

The area of Aransas, where the hurricane hit, they have been evacuated and told not to return because the area has no water, power or communications.




Picture Source: Al Jazeera and news agencies, visited 29.08